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Top Issues Facing Californians


California can lead progressive values. As California continues to emerge from the recent economic recession, our budget draws constant attention. As the world's 6th largest economy California is strong. California’s recently released budget suggests that the state now has a modest operating surplus, and the state’s political leaders have already begun painting a rosy picture of California’s economic outlook.  In no particular order, here are Alan's views on high priority issues facing Californians:

1.  Healthcare:  Alan fully supports single-payer healthcare under SB562.  The rapid rise in health costs, coupled with diminishing access to care, has created enormous barriers to entry into the state’s healthcare system. As California’s population ages, and as the state’s performance on several key health indicators (obesity, diabetes, and hypertension) continues to decline, the consequences become increasingly severe. California’s healthcare system requires more providers, increased transparency, and better financial management. Simultaneously lowering healthcare costs and improving the quality and access to care is not an easy endeavor, but it is essential investment for the health of all Californians. 

2.  Climate Change/Environment:  Our health and climate are inextricably linked. From polluted air quality to shrinking food and waters supplies, communities across California—and around the world—are already experiencing climate change's harmful health impacts. The looming effects upon California's communities, particularly those that are disproportionately vulnerable, are becoming increasingly urgent and severe.  I support the California Clean Energy Act of 2017 (SB-100) and the targets toward a zero-carbon energy supply by 2045.

3.  Campaign Finance Reform:  Alan Geraci does not accept any dark money sources for donations and wants to shape national reform away from the era of Citizens United and back toward grass roots activism and fundraising.  Californians are less likely to engage with their state and local governments. They distrust their political leaders, vote much less than they once did, and simply do not have sufficient resources to become well-informed. As the state’s opaque system obscures actions by departments and public officials, it worsens its already poor record with public transparency and breeds an atmosphere that is susceptible to corruption.  Transparency and integrity are Alan's key points of focus. Ending the hidden track of money in political advertising is a good place to move forward.  Alan supports the requirements of AB 14.

4.  Education:  California's public education structure is under attack by the existing national administration.  It is essential for California to provide adequate resources to K-12 education to help foster successful future generations. However, California’s schools rely on low unstable funding, further threatened by rising retirement pension costs and the expiration of temporary tax increases. Additionally, schools are understaffed, especially considering the number of special needs students who are  being identified/ who are being mainstreamed/ who require personal aides/ who compose an ever increasing proportion of our public school demographic. The Local Control Funding Formula attempts to tackles these entrenched challenges, but strong leadership in Sacramento is required to make sure our kids and grandkids are receiving top notch education. 

5.  Taxes:  California relies heavily on state income tax as a major source of revenue for running state government.  By reducing the state’s reliance on the most volatile tax sources (such as capital gains) or setting aside funds in high-revenue years, California could better adjust to, and eventually reform, the nature of its system, which would offer much-needed budgetary stability in California. 

6.  Criminal Justice and Prison Reform:  Realignment is a costly program that aims to lower state prison population, which could lower long-term costs. Should it fail, it would be seen as a poor policy decision that adversely affected the safety of tens of millions of people. Realignment's long-term impact on crime is unknown but there has been a documented rise in crime in the first year.  We must reform laws to reduce the injustices of our prison system while simultaneously making prisons comply with justice and rehabilitation goals. 

7.  Water Supply:  Although the Governor announced the "end" of the current drought climate, water is still the top issue for Californians.  California’s record-level drought has drawn attention to the state’s neglected water management challenge. However, the state’s obsolete, inefficient water infrastructure system threatens effective statewide water delivery even during non-drought conditions.  Alan is focused to help our region implement or adopt federal and state infrastructure improvements to meet these water management challenges. 

8.  Infrastructure:  Californians want a high speed rail option to connect NoCal to SoCal.  But the idea has gotten lost in the weeds of detail.  Reduced public support, legal setbacks regarding compliance with law, concerns about eligibility for federal and state funds, and insufficient private sector investment all throw the project’s future existence into jeopardy. Unfortunately, the California High Speed Rail project runs the risk of becoming a boondoggle. Smart leadership can bring this project to reality, but not in its present form. 


Ending Homelessness in California

I support San Diego's central intake center which is expected to open in 2019, including a hotline for available beds, adding a few hundred more temporary shelter beds, renovating a downtown facility where homeless people can shower, and expanding the Downtown Partnership’s family reunification program. As your state representaive, I will work to find common ground solutions with the cities I represent, the property owners in our region and the organizations who will continue to spearhead the efforts. In California, there is no reason for any human being to be homeless.

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